Thursday, February 12, 2015

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Two Hundred and Fifty Eight Pages - A Love Story

Two hundred and fifty eight pages of handwritten manuscript! Not to mention the exhibits to be collected and the drawings made to finish the Project report that he had promised to. He hadn't taken this much effort to finish his own, but for her, he would go the extra mile. She had to rush back to her hometown during the mid-term break and was worried how she could handle this, which was the best opportunity for him to offer his hand and make his mark for her. Something that costed him the whole break. Not even a movie, and much less sleep, burning the table lamp, to the chagrin of his room partner. Now all that is behind him, the completed and bound project report is in his hand, to be proudly presented to her, as he waited in the cafe in front of the Women's hostel. "Hey", a voice from behind called as he turned.

"Sujata asked me to collect the report from you and submit it, as she won't be coming until the end of the month. She got engaged last week", said her room mate and took the report from him and walked away.

By - Kishore


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