Thursday, February 19, 2015

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13 Year Old Boy's Love Story

When i was 13 year old, Dad broke the news of his transfer to new city due to his job in army.On the first day of school, I was bit nervous and shy to talk with any of my classmate but second day a girl helped me by offering to sit with her in class.She also took the trouble to ensure during the lessons time, that I knew which page the teachers were teaching. She Helped me to get food in canteen during recess time.She gave me tour around different departments in our school. When school ended for the day, she helped me to pack everything back into my bag from my pencil box to my books. She really closely looked after and cared for me for about a month until I was familiar with everything at school and felt I belonged. When i asked her for reason of helping me she just replied that in your loneliness i found a new friends to cut short my loneliness..I somehow till date doubt it because she was darling in our class with a evergreen smile on her face..By looking at our daughter in her teen,she reminds me of her mother used to be in those school days.She only got better with time.So much love, friendship and kindness she gave me generously, without any adult intervening. It still made me smiles when I recall those moments.

A simple act of kindness may not feel like a lot,but some times these thing touches your heart so deep that you never forget them A thoughtful gesture can sometimes be enough to inspire someone to change their never under estimate the power you have to make ea difference.Kindness Matters


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